No on SB756's Abuses in the Criminal Justice System

Share your concerns about how Senate Bill 756 would affect taxpayers and people who are arrested in North Carolina.

I urge you to vote AGAINST Senate Bill 756, "Amend Bail Law/Pretrial Release Programs."

This bill would ban judges from having the option of releasing a pretrial defendant until two days have passed without the defendant being able to post a monetary bond.  It also bans pretrial staff from speaking to that defendant for any reason during that two day period.  Prescreening by pretrial staff before 1st Appearance would be eliminated. Judges would lose valuable information needed to make informed safe bail decisions.

The indigent mentally ill (and all indigent defendants) would have to remain in jail two days more than necessary. It would have a disproportionately negative effect on immigrants who are arrested. Judges would be required to impose a minimum $1,000 bond on all defendants that were placed on electronic monitoring. Pretrial programs that provide indigence screening and drug and alcohol assessments before 1st Appearance would be banned from doing so. 

Under this bill, taxpayers will have to pay to keep defendants in jail two extra days, which simply enriches the bail bond industry, for whom this bill was drafted. It is a direct attempt to maximize the profits of bail bond companies at taxpayer expense. It is a blatant assault against the judicial system and to those who are poor.

I urge you to vote AGAINST this harmful bill.



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This bill is just stupid, forcing the judicial system to lock someone up AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE for an extra 2 days because they are too poor to pay a bondsman. Please reconsider.
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